UnDiet Your Mind App

What is the UnDiet Your Mind App?

It is a community app for ditching the diet, Intuitive Eating & accepting your body.

The UnDiet Your Mind app is a community based app where members can work on their UnDieting journey in a safe and supportive HAES (Health at Every Size), non diet and Intuitive Eating aligned space.

All the resources in the app are audios and all of the content is provided by non diet experts and HAES aligned professionals from all over the world (including me!) and this is the power of the app. Lessons and viewpoints from a diverse group of non diet pros, from physicians to IE counsellors to non diet trainers and everything in between.


Audio lessons discussing a variety of topics all aligned with someone working on ditching diet culture.

These are essentially a series of shorter talks that people can go through over 2-10 days.

The meditations are all designed to support people working on body acceptance, non-diet work and taking on a health at every size approach.

The community is a place where our experts and members can talk, share and support one another.

Lauren and Jenna from The Body Love Society will also be app experts along side me and a whole load of other amazing non diet experts, including dieticians, doctors, Intuitive Eating Counsellors, and so much more!

How to get involved.

I have a 50% off your first month coupon code for you! As the app is going to be launched on the 1st December I can not give it to you until then, however if you register your interest below, I will get in touch as soon as I have the green light from Lauren and Jenna!

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