Movement to Celebrate YOU and Burlexercise – Online Classes



Dance cardio, fun moves, empowering music, all with a HAES (Health at Every Size) approach.

I believe EVERY BODY has the right to feel amazing in the skin they are in. Here is an opportunity to CELEBRATE YOU.

To celebrate all that your AMAZING BODY can do.

This is NOT a place for punishment. And talk of calories and dieting? Well you can forget that – that is forbidden in this space.

Here we work to reset any negative perception you have of yourself.

Here we build mental and physical resilience for those bad body image days with motivation, self awareness and mindfulness.

I am based in the UK, all classes are UK time zone.

Classes can either be booked as part of my subscription (this is the cheapest option)

Or you can book separately

More information about the types of classes I offer

MTCY BODYWEIGHT (Movement to Celebrate YOU)

This class begins with a short talk on body image related issues. The aim is for it to be empowering and motivating. To help you realise that your body is not the problem and to enable you to be present and confident for the upcoming session.

We then move on to a warm up and dance cardio with fun HIIT style moves – no burpees! There will be variations offered and if you want to do your own version that is fine too. I always urge you to go at your own pace. We are moving for fun and celebration – not punishment! There are usually around 11 tracks in total, ending with core work and a cool down. Then we move on to the relaxation – meditation and / or visualisation.

All enabling you to walk away with a smile on your face and feeling at peace with your body.

MTCY KETTLEBELL (Movement to Celebrate YOU)

This is very similar to above but for the fun HIIT moves we do that with a kettlebell. Again variations are offered and I always urge you to go at your own pace.


Burlexercise is a medium – high intensity fitness class designed specifically for an all over body workout, incorporating token showgirl elements. This is Burlesque dancing and exercise! The focus, as always, is to have fun and feel good. This class is full of sass and enables you to bring out your confident, sexy self.

There is resistance training and light weights are optional but recommended.

This is offered both online and in person, in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

Class timetable

January – March 2022


“Absolute dream of a session tonight, thanks Kim! 🙌🏻 I’m feeling rough – and a year back, this would’ve been a prime excuse to ditch an online exercise class. The difference is, I really *wanted* to attend this class, even if I’d just be gently stepping things out. And I’m so glad I showed up – the fun moves and great company brightened my night! 💕✨ tysm!”

“Really enjoyed the class yesterday, was exactly what I needed with the shorter days now! Found it so much fun and invigorating. Love the energy that you bring and enjoy the cardio. This session was my fave so far in terms of the core strength work. As ever the visualisation was so calming and insightful. Loved every minute of it”

“Honestly loved it. Felt very calming and liked the fact that you made it fun, I didn’t feel embarrassed.”

“Thank you for everything, I have the sense that my life has gotten a little bit sweeter and a little bit richer by learning from all the gems of knowledge that you have shared!”

“Thank you so much for the amazing training session Kimberley! Your kindness and encouragement are just what I needed, the workout was just perfect, a great mix of fun and reasonable effort! The heart of your program is really beautiful and I left with confidence and full of peace! I slept like a baby!”

“Last night’s session was amazing thank you! I know you couldn’t see me for most of it, but I was dancing round my kitchen like a lunatic and thoroughly enjoyed all the moves. The relaxation at the end was lovely too and I came away feeling so relaxed and proud of what my body can do ❤️”

“Just had my first session with Kim and I can’t believe how happy I feel after exercise! I even felt confident enough to turn my camera on for the HIIT songs (but I also loved the option to leave it off too) and have a dance along with Kim. It was so refreshing to be told to take it at my own pace and listen to my body, rather than being told to go faster/harder constantly like all of the other exercise classes I’ve been part of in the past. Can’t wait for the next one!!!”

“I’m making your classes a priority, because it’s the sort of confidence-boosting, radical self care that I need.”

“I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s session already. It’s previously unheard of for me to want to exercise once a week – let alone twice! But I genuinely have such fun, and enjoy all the exercise endorphins afterwards. (That’s another first!)”