Online Personal Training and / or Body Image Coaching 2x/week


£477 a month

(Works out to approx £55 a session)


2x 1 hour sessions once a week, where we work on a pre planned workout and / or we sit and chat and work on any issues affecting your body image.


All sessions are over Zoom and will be tailored to your goals and needs.


Once you have paid for the session I will get in touch via email or phone to confirm. If you have any questions before hand please email me at


Please ensure you have had your free 15 minute initial consultation before booking.



Please ensure you have attended a FREE Initial Consultation before booking, in this session we will discuss our availability and what future sessions will include, we will also discuss the health and lifestyle questionnaire that you must take before the free consultation. You can book this consultation here >>

A health and lifestyle questionnaire must be filled out and returned to me at lease 24 hours before any session can take place.

Before booking this session please ensure you have read the booking terms and conditions which can be found here >>