Free Body Image Fitness Course

What to expect;

  • Free Movement to Celebrate YOU taster session.
  • Your body is not the problem – what is the problem? And what is the solution?
  • Body acceptance – We should strive for acceptance, accepting our bodies will change over time and as we adapt to changes in lifestyles, acceptance helps towards building resilience.
  • HAES – What is it and why it could help your mindset towards your body.
  • Diet Culture; what it is, here we start work on removing guilt around diets
  • Comfort eating – removing the guilt and understanding what is going on.
  • Our relationship with food and why it is so important
  • Fitness for fun – how we can develop our relationship with exercise and movement.
  • Toxic Fitness – how to spot it and how to avoid it.
  • Questions for you to reflect on 
  • More information on the full Body Image Fitness course (part of the Full Celebration Plus subscription) and what is included, see here for details >>

You are invited to the free Facebook Community group, a group full of likeminded people there for support.

“It’s an incredible gift Kim thank you so much. I did the teaser of your class to celebrate movement , I had so much pleasure. Thank you”