Body Image Academy

A transformation from the inside out

Welcome to the Body Image Academy. My focus is on shifting the perception of our body image and our mindsets of food and exercise to a healthier one – mentally and physically. A mindset that’ll ultimately make you more confident, content and accepting of your body.

A course designed to transform you from the inside out. To help you with the relationship you have with your body, your body image, towards food and towards exercise.

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Your Body Needs Nourishment – Learn more in the Academy

I became a body image coach after I managed to really work on myself and develop acceptance towards my own body, a better relationship towards food and a love for exercise. A real love of fitness for fun, not just as a tool to lose weight.

Food has a lot to answer for and can heavily affect our mood, feelings and behaviour. Being mindful of this on a body acceptance journey is vital because it’ll lead you to healthy decisions that benefit both your mind and body.


When making a change that will last a lifetime you need education about the subject, a lot of self realisation and reflection, this then enables a shift in perception and mindset. You also need accountability and support.

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What my clients have said

Robert Twine

Kim has a passion for helping others. She is very authentic and a great listener. I found a great deal of value in her coaching! Thank you Kim❤️

Anna De Freitas

“Highly Recommend Kim Resilience Training, after the first coaching session with Kim she really helped me look at food in a different way, removed the guilty feeling that was keeping me stuck, made a great plan of small steps that was really achievable for me, look forward to our next session.

Kelly France

“I’m really happy with the results in our first session and I’m looking forward to next week. Kim is a good listener and she gave me homework! I could honestly feel myself and my relationship with food start to change after meeting with her. Thanks again Kim❤.”

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