Body Image Fitness Course

Repairing your relationship with exercise, food and your body.

Exclusive to Full Celebration Plus Subscribers – launching Jan 2022,

Each section is released monthly with more modules and reflections added regularly.

In this course we delve deep into the relationship you have with your body and work on really changing your perception. Allowing you to break free from diet culture and be really and truly happy and healthy in the body you have.

This truly is a life changing course and here is why

Based on my research, qualifications, my experience coaching people worldwide as well as my own personal experience,

I believe there are 6 key elements when it comes to creating a healthier perception of yourself,

These are things you really must know about and truly believe and what will be covered in detail in the course;

  • 1 – Acceptance – knowing that your body will change over time as you go through different stages of your life / have different lifestyle changes, and allowing yourself to accept it.
  • 2 – Getting rid of guilt and shame by understanding our behaviours and decisions. This then leads to self compassion and empathy towards ourselves.
  • 3 – Understanding self-objectification – This is about understanding that many of us view our body from a third person perspective rather from your own perspective. This means that you do not concentrate on how you feel, only how you look which damages the relationship you have with your body and ultimately is one of the biggest reasons for a poor body image. We look at this in detail and look at ways to overcome this.
  • 4 – Understanding the background and history of beauty, nutrition and exercise – where this pressure comes from and why this is so prominent in the media. This allows a deeper level of understanding and really opens our eyes to what is around us – this really helps with removing guilt and shame as well as body acceptance. It really helps you become more at peace with your body. Warning – I do bust a huge amount of myths and some may make you angry about what we have been led to believe. Note all statements are backed up by a huge amount of research.
  • 5 – Knowing and understanding that your body is not the problem, it never was and never will be. It is your perception of your body that we will work on.
  • 6 – Understanding and knowing what real health is and what it means to you.

The only thing to worry about – where is all the excess energy going to go, now we are rid of the constant pressure from diet culture and toxic fitness professionals?  


What an excellent problem to have!

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Body Image Course

The course currently includes;

  • Hours of content and education all focused around developing a healthy relationship with our bodies.
  • Video content – each unit includes helpful videos
  • Questions to answer and submit that help you on your journey, each one you submit I will come back with a personal response to offer tips, guidance and support.
  • How to change our mindsets towards food and allow ourselves to eat without any rules or guilt.
  • Developing a real perception of health – what is healthy and what is not.
  • How to take control of emotional eating.
  • Information about exercise – fitness for fun, not just as a way of losing weight.
  • And much, much more. New content and information will be added regularly.

It also includes;

  • Monthly 121s with me to see how you are progressing, this can either be Body Image Coaching or Personal Training. The sessions with be 45 minutes.
  • An exclusive community within the subscription website, full of like-minded individuals and away from any potentially triggering (and annoying) diet ads and talk.

The course currently includes the following, all with in-depth content to help you change your perspective of your body forever.

There will be reflective activities and chances to submit answers that help you on your journey, each one you submit, I will come back with a personal response to offer tips, guidance and support.

  • We start off by getting to know each other with some self reflective work.
  • We start looking into how the media has shaped our current beliefs – this opens us up for self compassion and enables us to start taking away some of the guilt and shame we have surrounding our bodies.

  • This week we look at our own perception of health as well as societies.
  • We spend time looking into what true health is – hint it is different to what society says.
  • We start to develop a deeper level of understanding of our beliefs and our values which will explain the way we think, feel and act.
  • By gaining this level of understanding it opens us up to being able to adapt our thoughts and feelings about our bodies to become more accepting of ourselves.
  • We start thinking about your goals and make sure that they align with your values, here you have the opportunity to set SMART goals with support from me.

  • We look at where the beliefs you have about your body have come from and how we can start to change them to more accepting beneficial beliefs ones.
  • By developing self awareness in your thinking styles it means you can chose which thoughts you can ignore, and which ones you can allow in which will in turn change how you feel about yourself. Thoughts are not facts and you do not need to act on each one.
  • We take a brief look on habit building and how this fits in with your identity – who you are now and who you want to become.

  • We look at food facts, myths and why letting go of diet culture will set you free.
  • We look at the affect dieting has physically and mentally and the alternatives, including intuitive eating.
  • We look at ways to take control of emotional eating.
  • Allowing yourself to enjoy food, take pleasure from it and getting rid of all the rules and restrictions that are completely counterproductive to your health and happiness.

  • How language around food and ourselves can really have a big impact on our lives.
  • Combatting negative self talk – developing new internal dialogues that will benefit you in so many ways
  • Realising that feelings are not facts.
  • Reflective work with looking deeper into where shame and guilt around our bodies comes from.

  • This will all be about redefining how we see exercise and movement. It is not something that we should use as punishment but as a celebration of our bodies.
  • Health and Fitness has become really toxic because it focuses on how we look rather than how we feel – and, as I have said so many times before, and you can probably finish this sentence for me… it is how you feel that matters.

  • We look at how comparing ourselves to others and to our younger selves is detrimental to our own happiness and body image.
  • How you can take control of your thoughts enabling you to be kinder to yourself.
  • We look at why and how we may self sabotage.

  • This is your final week – we look at objectification and working more on compassion towards ourselves.
  • We look at where we go from here, make new goals, reflect on the last 7 modules and how we can be accepting of our bodies on a daily basis.
  • We build on our Body Image Resilience!

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone feeling defined by their body and appearance and wanting to feel their true worth beyond their bodies
  • Anyone that has been on constant diets, trying to change their bodies but still do not feel good enough
  • Anyone who just wants to feel happier about themselves
  • Anyone that wants to feel comfortable in social situations without judging themselves on how they look
  • Anyone wanting to become truly healthy mentally and physically – looking at health based on how you feel rather than how you look; that is real health.

Frequently asked questions

Q – How long will it take me to finish the course?

A – It will take around 12 months, there is going to be new content added all the time as well. The subscription also includes 121s with me and full access to all my live classes and a growing library of pre-recorded ones, so you may want to continue past the 12 months due to the amount offered and to revisit previous sections of the course.

Q – Can I buy this course as a gift for someone?

A – Yes, that is completely fine and a lovely thing to do. You will need to buy it as part of the subscription package. Any questions please do get in touch

Q – Is this course just for women?

A – This course is for any gender feeling defined by their body and wanting to step away from diet culture.

Q – What age is this suitable for?

A – This is suitable for age 16+ This is because there is reference to pornography in relation to the affects on body image.

Q – If I want to lose weight while on this course, will you help me with that?

A – The purpose of this course, and all the work I do is to repair any damaged relationship you may already have with your body, exercise and food, and to change your perception so that you are not defined by your weight. I work with a Health at Every Size® approach, more details of which can be found here >>

Q – How much time will I need to dedicate each month to the course?

You will get out as much as you put into this course and it differs with each person and each section, but as a general rule around an hour – 2 each week. The course includes watching the videos and reading the content several times, doing any exercises that are part of the module and self reflection. I give you the tools, support and direction. I will be there with you every step of the way. As well as the content in the lessons you will the interaction with me in relation to the answers you submit and the community within the website subscription.

Q – I don’t have a computer, is this course suitable for a smart phone?

Yes, it has been formatted and designed so it will work on both. Eventually I will get an app but one step at a time.

Q – Can I pause my subscription at any point? Some months I will not be able to dedicate much time.

Absolutely. The subscription works on a month by month basis, and you have the option to pause at any point.

Q – I am a coach, can I use the content from this course to help my own clients?

All content is copyrighted, you can use it for inspiration to help your clients but you are not allowed to take the content directly and to then use it to teach your own clients.

If you do have any other questions please feel free to get in touch

Meet your coach

Kim Stacey

I have struggled with my own Body Image all my life and I have finally managed to find acceptance towards myself and I just genuinely feel free – free from guilt, pressure, shame and food rules. I have found my inner worth and that is why I feel so passionately about helping you find yours

If you prefer to go over the above and more on a 121 basis, I will be happy to help with that too.

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“Kim is a great listener, I felt comfortable being open and honest about my struggles (which is huge since I don’t always feel I can share them). She understood and appreciated where I was coming from, empathised and didn’t make me feel wrong. instead she listened and asked great questions that helped me find clarity.”

Elizabeth Ann

Kim has a passion for helping others. She is very authentic and a great listener. I found a great deal of value in her coaching! Thank you Kim”

Robert Twine

“Highly Recommend Kim Resilience Training, after the first coaching session with Kim she really helped me look at food in a different way, removed the guilty feeling that was keeping me stuck, made a great plan of small steps that was really achievable for me, look forward to our next session.

Anna De Freitas