My approach to training is heavily influenced by my own journey, breaking free from diet culture, toxic workout habits and working to heal my own body image.

Kim Stacey

I am a Body Image Coach and Personal Trainer, my aim is build the relationship you have with yourself, with food and with exercise, to enable you to make peace with your body. I work with an Anti Diet and Health at Every Size approach. See more about this approach here>>

I work from home, in the North East of England, and live with my amazing 10 year old son.

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I have a slightly different approach to most Personal Trainers. I am about rejecting the diet mentality and the exercise is punishment rhetoric.

My main focus is on improving the relationship you have with your body.

My Classes

Movement to Celebrate YOU

Dance cardio with a splash of fun HIIT thrown in.

I believe EVERY BODY has the right to feel amazing in the skin they are in. Here is an opportunity to CELEBRATE YOU. 

To celebrate all that your AMAZING BODY can do.

Suited for all fitness levels – the focus is on moving for fun and I always give variations and encourage you to go with what you enjoy and what make you feel good.


“Absolute dream of a session tonight, thanks Kim! 🙌🏻 I’m feeling rough – and a year back, this would’ve been a prime excuse to ditch an online exercise class. The difference is, I really *wanted* to attend this class, even if I’d just be gently stepping things out. And I’m so glad I showed up – the fun moves and great company brightened my night! 💕✨ tysm!”

“Thank you for everything, I have the sense that my life has gotten a little bit sweeter and a little bit richer by learning from all the gems of knowledge that you have shared!”

“I’m making your classes a priority, because it’s the sort of confidence-boosting, radical self care that I need.”

“Kim has a passion for helping others. She is very authentic and a great listener. I found a great deal of value in her coaching”

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